The way I discovered Access Bars®

My name is Petra Wolff, 54 years, from Germany! I choose to live in Cape Town… It feels like my home! I would like to share as short as possible, the way I discovered Access Bars® and why and how I came to South Africa! Enjoy reading the story of my life!

It’s already five years ago when I started the journey with Access Consciousness® and of course the journey into another life, I never lived before!

It was interesting how it showed up in my life! I was invited from my brother to visit a big event, where people got motivated and inspired by a successful guy on the stage! In this time, I was still in a level, where I felt very depressed and actually unable to create my own life, my own reality. I felt like a victim of the circumstances I lived in and would rather die then continue living the life I lived.

Anyways, somehow my brother brought me to this event and next to me sat a young lady. From the beginning I couldn’t stop watching her. Her whole being was shining from inside out and was like a bright light next to me! I felt a bit shy … but then I asked her, what she was doing about to shine like the brightest light I’ve ever seen in a human being!

She talked something about Access Consciousness® and the co founder of this method and recommended a book I could read… nothing else!

In this time I couldn’t even understand the English word ‚Access Consciousness‘ nor saying it, as my English was like zero in this time!

When I got home from this event, I immediately started discovering some information about the method and the book. I ordered the book and read it within 2 days! After reading I contacted the lady I met on the seminar and said,… ‚This is exactly what I want to have for my life! Where can I learn this stuff?’

She offered me to do a class for me, if I would bring a friend. Two days later, I found myself in my first Access Bars Class… no idea, what it would be! It was the best choice so far, I did for a long while! It was the beginning of being me, of creating a life, I could never imagine, a life filled with ease, joy & glory! It was the beginning of the biggest change within 5 years… compared to the past life! It feels like lifetimes passed away within 5 years of Access! My whole life is upside down!

After 23 years of married, 3 children, getting divorced, (which was btw a big, big drama) and a second marriage with a stepson, losing my loved husband within the third year of our marriage through a heard attack on a stop on the highway on our journey back from our last vacation in Croatia… It was finally the beginning of my life, I live now. I used already the tools of Access Consciousness® for 1,5 year which helped me to see the situation and experience the dead of my husband in my hands next to me from a very different point of view!

I used the tools from the very beginning, never stopped, never struggled, never asked about a why, never felt into a big hole of no hope or anything else! I was in the question from the very beginning and went through this experience with the awareness and the allowance, that nothing was wrong, that there was something beautiful underneath and that I was the creator of my life, even in this situation.

We are writing beginning of September 2020! On the 17.9. will be the forth anniversary of my husband. I choose to live in South Africa … I had now idea about it, when he past away, nor any suggestion to do something weird like that! My life is like an never ending adventure, with so much gratitude, happiness, a loved business, beautiful people around me!

I do what I love and I love what I do! I would love to be the invitation for people just to try out, what it would be for them! I would love to share this magical and pragmatic tools to even more people to get more awareness of all there possibilities and beyond all there limitations of creating life!

What else is possible now? And how does it get any better than this?

Hope to see you anytime in person!

With love, Petra

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